About us

is a software development company with over 15 years’ experience of working with public sector organisations. The company offers bespoke solutions tailored to a business's requirements working with clients from initial idea through to implementation.

Based in the North Yorkshire town of Bedale, WJP Software Ltd, offers support that is both personal and professional. The teams' expert knowledge of its products allows a greater understanding of issues meaning we have the ability to offer quicker solutions.

Our products are built from the ground up we are able to ensure that security and data protection is built-in from the beginning and continued to be updated to minimise security risks. To maintain a high-quality customer service we are ISO:9001 and ISO: 27001 registered to maintain our dedication to information management and data security and have Cyber Essentials accredited. We are audited annually to ensure we meet the quality standards and have held certification since 2016.